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Pak Punjab, cricket, and samosa chaad.

Pak Punjab

My friend David recently sent me a picture of the Pak Punjab, on the South East corner of Third Street and Second Avenue. It is one of the handful of cabbie eateries in the area. We used to go there for plates of samosas smashed up and covered with lentil curry and salad (“Eek samosa chaad.” if you want to impress with your Urdu). A buck and a quarter and you were stuffed to the gills, although I cannot guarantee that price nowadays. Anyway, I got to thinking about how I used to talk to the Pakistani guys there about cricket. My cricket knowledge at the time consisted of a faded recollection of the teams that played when I was at school, Javed Miandad, Sunil Gavaskar, Clive Lloyd, and the magical Viv Richards, to name some of the superstars. The Pakistani cab drivers would humor me, after all, it would be like me walking into a sports store today and telling the guy in the tennis department “What about Borg, hey? He’s sure cleaning up at Wimbledon!”. These days, my passion (?) for cricket has been re-ignited, and I when I saw David’s photo of the Pak Punjab it occurred to me that there are sure to be some long faces and some fiery debate at the Pak Punjab these days. Pakistan were ousted from the World Cup by the Irish, and their coach was subsequently found murdered in his hotel room. If you do drop in for a samosa chaad, and you can’t resist engaging in some cricket banter, be sensitive. At least India were also bundled out early. That might be your only viable angle of discussion.


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