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Song Of Those Who Died In Vain – Primo Levi

Primo Levi

Song Of Those Who Died In Vain (1985)

Sit down and bargain
All you like, grizzled old foxes.
We’ll wall you up in a splendid palace
With food, wine, good beds and a good fire
Provided that you discuss, negotiate
For our and your children’s lives.
May all the wisdom of the universe
Converge to bless your minds
And guide you in the maze.
But outside in the cold we will be waiting for you,
The army of those who died in vain,
We of the Marne, of Montecassino,
Treblinka, Dresden and Hiroshima.
And with us will be
The leprous and the people with trachoma,
The Disappeared Ones of Buenos Aires,
Dead Cambodians and dying Ethiopians,
The Prague negotiators,
The bled-dry of Calcutta
The innocents slaughtered in Bologna.
Heaven help you if you come out disagreeing:
You’ll be clutched tight in our embrace.
We are invincible because we are the conquered,
Invulnerable because already dead;
We laugh at your missiles.
Sit down and bargain
Until your tongues are dry.
If the havoc and the shame continue
We’ll drown you in our putrefaction.

Primo Levi died 20 years ago on the 11th of April. This posting inspired by The Rootless Cosmopolitan.


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Martin Strel

This article on the BBC website is amazing. This Slovenian marathon swimmer, Martin Strel, who defines himself as “just a regular common guy who just has higher goals than usual” managed to swim the length of the Amazon. Piranhas, you say? Well, as long as he remembered to rub his wetsuit down with creams and gasoline (to cover his smell) and his team chummed the other side of his boat with meat and blood, the pesky little carnivires seemed to stay away. As he motored towards the ocean, his biggest concern was that his team were dropping like flies from terrible tropical diseases. If you want to feel a little more mediocre than usual, read this one.

Swim the Amazon

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