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Luca and Sofia

To bring you up to date since I last posted…in a nutshell: Sofia is two, and so much fun. We have had a baby boy, Luca, who is four months old, Samantha and I are always tired, and despite her exhaustion she is willing to let me try to climb Kilimanjaro. I will be leaving Wednesday and mungu akipenda, if God wills it, i will be coming back on Sunday.

I am a lucky man, this much I know.


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Election night (6:00 a.m. on November 5th for Sofia and us)

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Baba Sofia

My wife Samantha and I are back from Italy, where we spent the summer. We came back with Sofia, our new and wonderful daughter. In Tanzania, when your firstborn arrives, you take on his or her name, preceded by Baba or Mama. It is an extra layer of joyadded to the great experience of fatherhood, being hailed as Baba Sofia every day. The Tanzanians now greet me with a loooong list of “Habari ya Sofia”, “Habari ya Mama Sofia” etc. every morning. Greetings used to take a long time, now they seem endless.

That is all that fatigue will allow me right now. I have to get to bed and rest up for tomorrow’s good mornings. But I am back and writing. A little sleepier, and certainly distracted. Welcome back to you too.

Baba Sofia

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