Muda Mrefu

A short trip out to Al Fahal Island…on our boat!

Ryan (our neighbor and a co-owner of the boat) and I wanted to go out and hone our nautical skills a little more before we started taking our families out. We went down to the boat early, gassed it up, and were on the water by 7 am.  We decided to head up the coast (West North West) towards the Sultan Quaboos port and beyond, destination Al Fahal Island, a big rock not far off the coast.  Ryan has fished there before, so he wanted to show me the spot.  The sea was very smooth until we rounded the Muttrah headland, and then it became pretty choppy.  It took a long time to get to Al Fahal, going right through all of the supertankers and container ships that were coming in and out of the port.  It wasn’t really scary, but it was not very relaxing ether. Once we got to Al Fahal, we anchored and I snorkeled around for a while.  I’m still getting the hang of the GoPro camera, so it points all over the place right now.  Ryan, the boat, and I are all still in one piece, so the trip was a success.


December 2, 2011 Posted by | Boat | 4 Comments