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Trevor’s last term in Standard 7.

Trevor is Rose’s 13 year old son.  Rose is the lady who has taken care of Sofia since Samantha went back to work after her maternity leave.  We have been able to get to know Trevor quite well.  He is a very sweet boy, extremely bright, and like all the Tanzanian children that we have met, has a deep sense of respect for his elders.

The school system in Tanzania works in a way that for us might seem very counter-intuitive.  A family will pay for their child’s education (if they want the child in school) until the child reaches Standard 7.  Relatively speaking, this can be very expensive for an average Tanzanian to send their child to school. At the end of Standard 7 all of the children take an exam.  The most successful candidates are then offered places in the government schools that are much cheaper than any other schools.  So the more successful you are, the cheaper it gets.  The more you struggle,  the more it will cost your family to stay in school.

Trevor in about to start his last term in Standard 7. He goes to a good school here in Arusha, and is doing very well. Samantha and I, along with some members of our family, have payed for his Standard 7 year so far.  We are quite willing and excited to do it again, but so many people wrote to me about Noel’s windows saying that they never got a chance to contribute, that I thought we should try again.  So here we are.  We need to raise the fees for Trevor’s last term in Standard 7.  At the end of the year I am sure that he will do very well in his exams, and then Rose will be on easy street as far as school fees go.

So we need to raise is $300.  I would suggest that a $10 donation is great.  If you want to give more, give more.  If you want to give less, give less.  Once we have the money I will post again and let you know.  I have another great project in mind anyway, so watch out for that as well.  Thanks for helping out.

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Trevor, Rose and SofiaTrevor, Rose and Sofia


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