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Our Plans Ahead

The school term is winding up, only four weeks until our Christmas break, and Sam and I are plotting our road trip down to Malawi.  Sam was in Malawi for two years, in the Peace Corps, and we have always wanted to travel through Tanzania and down into Malawi.  Sofia is quite happy in her car seat, but that is no guarantee that she will be thrilled at the prospect of a two week rumble through Tanzania.  I am certain that she will let us know how she feels in due course.

Our plan is to leave Arusha as soon as school gets out, and to head down the road towards Dar Es Salaam, turning left towards the coast towards Pangani (just south of Tanga).  We will stay on the beach for a few days (over Christmas) and then start our trip in earnest.  We have not nailed down any details yet, but we would like to travel from Pangani down to Morogoro, on to Iringa, through Mbeya, and then down into Malawi.  We have several friends who have done this trip, and they all have given us ideas that we are trying to fit in.

How far into Malawi we get depends on time and energy (Sofia’s, primarily).  Sam lived in the very South, and Malawi is a long country, so it will be difficult to reach Cholo.  

More news as we refine our plan.


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  1. This plan reminds me of one of my father’s old stories. In 1956 after the Anglo-French-Israeli attack on Egypt of Abdul Nasser, the Suez Canal was shut down. Nonno Alfredo who was in Italy decided to return to Mkufi and took a ship and had to sail via the Cape to Beira in Mozambique (by the way listen to the Bob la lagna’s great song). Papa’ left Moshi just before Christmas 1956 and travelled via Arusha, Kondoa Irangi, Dodoma, Iringa, Mbeya, Tunduma, Lusaka (Northern Rhodesia), Victoria Falls, Salisbury (Southern Rhodesia) and arrived in Beira eight days later. He was driving nonno’s famous black Zephyr 6 (the car years later was sold to Papa’ at an exorbitant price). We still use the phrase “esto strada do Beira” that apparently Papa’ used as soon as he crossed the Mozambique border. On their return they stayed in Salisbury and Papa’ still remembers the flame Jacarandas in the main avenues. In Moshi meanwhile, having spent Christmas on our own, Mamma and Massimo, Roberto and I lived in terror because it was very dry year and elephants from the Blue Mountains and the Sanya Plains had crossed the Kikafu and destroyed the maize crop in search of water. During a very noisy night they trampled through the non existent garden of la casa giu’. One of the elephants died in the Kikafu and the locals hacked through it to take as much meat as they could. Just another tale of the Mongardi’s to remember! Ciao

    Comment by Giorgio | November 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. That makes no sense. You are joking.

    Comment by Jo | December 14, 2008 | Reply

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