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No, really, we saw them…

The Bat Eared Fox

We took Sofia to the bush for the first time this week-end. She is 13 weeks old, for crying out loud! She was great, sleeping as the car bumped and crashed around Tarangire National Park. Her mosquito net kept her safe from any flying varmints. The thing with game drives is that you hear other tourists telling one another these amazing stories, which I am sure are true…”No, really, the cheetah cubs crossed the road right in front of us. We followed them to their mother, who suddenly took off after a baby impala and killed her right there, in front of us.”That never happens to us. And therefore I doubt the veracity of these accounts. They are never, ever followed by ” Yeah, look at this video.” or “Check out the photos we took of the whole thing.”Well, today we saw two beautiful bat-eared foxes. And here is the proof. Sofia was asleep. but on her first day on kindergarten I want her to tell everyone that she saw two bat eared foxes when she was 13 weeks old.


November 4, 2007 - Posted by | porini


  1. Are you sure those things aren’t fox-bodied bats? Them’s crazy critters!

    Comment by Matt | November 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Bat eared foxes my foot! These are common foxes that due to global warming have grown bat looking ears! You have to give Sofia a modern education, not one that relies only on facts! Factual observations are old hat. Exaggerations and conspiracys are the stuff she has to be taught and brought up with! Otherwise when she is older she may have nobody else to talk to other than her fathers’ very old cousin, the boring old skeptic who likes to drink gin with your sister.

    Comment by Giorgio | November 8, 2007 | Reply

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