Muda Mrefu

Mvua mkubwa atakudja – the big rains are coming…

I have been warned by the locals that the big rains are a week away. Abraham, our gardener, has taken the Land Rover, driven to his house, and cleaned out his cowshed of all the manure. We have a symbiotic relationship that way, Abraham and I. He gets to run some errands in the car, gets his cowshed cleaned out, and I get bags and bags of manure. He has urged me to plant stuff, manure it, and sit and watch the rains fall. And so we have done. We have recently planted a paw paw tree (papaya), two thorn trees, a flamboyant (flame tree), a jacaranda tree, a long hedge, and today, bougainvillea all along our fence.

Paw paw (papaya)

baby thorn tree

When you buy the bougainvillea (a thorny hedge like bush that makes beautiful white, orange, red, or purple flowers) from Abraham’s friend, it is a 6 inch stick with a few budding leaves on it. Abraham promises me that with the combination of manure and rain, the plants will shoot up. And so we are waiting.

The water tower at the bottom of the garden is proving to be a real source of entertainment. It is fairly massive, rising forty feet into the sky. Water roars down the mountain, and keeps the tank perennially full. That way, should there be a problem, there is a huge reserve that can then be routed off to the politician’s houses etc. (follow standard script for African corruption from here). Lately, however, the tower has been erupting twice or three times every day. When it blows, water shoots another 20 feet into the sky, and hundreds of gallons of water pour over the sides of the tank, onto our recently planted bougainvillea hedge. The people walking up and down the hill just outside our gate run for their lives as the water crashes down around them. Who needs big rains when you live under the tower? Next week-end I will film all day every day in an effort to capture the eruption on film. It is every bit as epic as it sounds.


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    Comment by JORGE | March 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. hey i live in north carolana and i just palnted some papaya trees seeds and the sprouted so how do u take care of them

    Comment by daniel | August 18, 2008 | Reply

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