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We got the fever…

At the school that I teach at there are a couple of options for food at lunch time. The school canteen, which is run by a local businessman, where 2 days a week the food is great. Those are the two Indian food days. The businessman is Indian, and the Muttar Paneer and coconut beans and rice (not strictly Indian, I know) are great. 3,000 T-shillings (about $2.30) gets you a big tray, with fresh nan bread. The other option is the “local staff canteen”, which is situated at the top of the hill. There all of the Tanzanians eat, the gardeners, the cleaning staff, the ancillary classroom staff (paras), etc. It is one of the many examples of “separateness” that exist here. Anyway, this was about the food. Mama Bushiri, the head cook, has a set menu for each day of the week:

Monday: Beef stew with rice.
Tuesday: Ugali (staple polenta-like mush) with fish.
Wednesday: Rice pilau (sort of stewed beef again, but drier).
Thursday: Wali na choroko na marague na mchicha. Rice, beans, lentils, and spinach. This one is unbelievable. Everything is completely fresh and delicious.
Friday: I think they do something else with ugali, but I can’t remember.

Mama Bushiri charges only 1,000 T-shillilngs for her food. It is the best 80 cents you could ever spend. Except the fish day. I usually give that a miss. Lately, however, the outbreak of Rift Valley Fever (as deadly as it sounds) has forced the kitchen to replace all beef with fish. On Monday Samantha and I had fish stew with rice, and it was surprisingly good. The fish is fried whole, then chopped up. And so, until the Rift VAlley Fever clears up, we will be eating fish, it seems.


February 15, 2007 - Posted by | Arusha

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