Muda Mrefu

Ilboru…the land of power and water.

Sam and I have been in Tanzania for over 5 months. There is so much involved with changing everything about one’s life, that I really don’t know where to start. When we arrived, the school driver dropped us off in a small compound of 5 identical very western brick houses. They were brand new, landscaped, and very secure. We were walled in by 12 foot cinderblock walls, that safely kept Africa at Bay. 4 of the 5 houses were occupied, 3 by Mzungus (whites), and 1 by a Korean family. My Kiswahili does not extend to what the nickname for a Korean person is. I do know that the watchman referred to Lee (the Korean neighbor) simply as mChina (the man from China). Anyway, we were fairly devastated, and we began a loooong process of lining up a subletter for our house, and finding a new house for ourselves. Being on both sides of the housing market at the same time is interesting. Here in Tanzania rent is often determined by newness as well as the quantity of Dubai-inspired garish golden fixtures (e.g. doorhandles and light fixtures) around the house.

Against all odds, we managed to line everything up, and hey presto, five months later, we live a ways up Mount Meru in a village called Ilboru. We now have a great house, with a huge garden for considerable less money. In Ilboru there is Africa everywhere we look, and we love it. Our house is also on the city’s main water line (see tower in our garden), which means that water is not a problem (it rarely is in Arusha, as it is very lush here), but more importantly, our power line is virtually uninterrupted. That is a true luxury, as Tanzania is in a real power crisis. I might add more to that later on. It is an interesting story. Anyway, we now have internet at home, so I hope to write some.



Good Night. Usiku mwema.



January 12, 2007 - Posted by | Arusha


  1. bravo ragazzo, mi fara’ molto piacere seguire l’evolversi della vostra situazione e sapere cosa fate laggiu’. bacioni

    Comment by haldo | January 28, 2007 | Reply

  2. hi marcello!!!!

    Comment by isabel | March 15, 2007 | Reply

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